Day 21 – The Value of Practice

Plume, abstract acrylic ACEO

Plume, abstract acrylic ACEO

After a slow day yesterday, today’s been busy. Not so much for my own art – I managed to finish off only this little ACEO – but also because it was my art group meeting.

It’s important to see what other artists are doing, to see new ideas and get recharged.

My art group had a demo by Scott Hall, a caricature artist. I’ve seen caricature artists working at parks and events but haven’t spent time really watching what they’re doing.

I’ve been missing out.

Scott was terrific. He was entertaining to watch and listen to. He has lots of stories about how he got started, how he keeps his skills up, and the tools he uses.

And he’s amazing to watch. He draws quickly but precisely – just a few quick lines and he’s captured the essence of his subject. Accurate, really.

Caricature by Scott Hall of Karen Koch, Life Needs Art

Caricature by Scott Hall of Karen Koch, Life Needs Art

He’s been drawing caricatures since he was a teenager, and still loves to draw 4, 6, 8 hours a day. I can’t imagine the tens of thousands of drawings he’s done. No wonder he’s so good.

It was a treat to watch someone who is so skilled and still enjoys his work.

In less than 2 hours, he drew everyone in the room, probably 25-30 of us. How good could I be if I drew that many people every day?


3 Responses to “Day 21 – The Value of Practice”

  1. i found you via AEDM… (so glad i did!)
    Your work is great.
    The one posted here (plume)…is this yours? i love it.

    keep posting!

  2. Karen Koch says:

    Hi Pauline – I’m so glad you found your way here from AEDM! I’ve been over to see your blog and it’s wonderful. Your colors are terrific.

    Yes, Plume is mine. 🙂

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