Five Small Collages

Saturday afternoon was a lot of fun. Some folks from the Ohio Collage Society got together for a collage-making party, otherwise known as a “chat-n-glue”.

We all brought collage supplies – paper, pens, paint, scissors, glue, and whatnot – and spent a couple hours making collages.

While going through my stash, I found a piece of paper that I’d painted with acrylic paints and inks. It was nice, but could never quite figure out the right use for it. So, I cut it into 4×6 inch pieces and used them as the substrates (or backgrounds) for my collages.

I had so much fun doing collage with the OCS, that I spent the rest of my studio time on Saturday and Sunday making more. See pics of the 5 finished pieces below.

For more information about the Ohio Collage Society, visit their website:

Small Collage 5 by artist Karen Koch Small Collage 4 by artist Karen Koch Small Collage 3 by artist Karen Koch Small Collage 2 by artist Karen Koch Small Collage 1 by artist Karen Koch




6 Responses to “Five Small Collages”

  1. denthe says:

    These are so great! Love them! the background makes it really special …

  2. Sheila says:

    So Cool! Love your palette!

  3. There is so much to love about this post. One thing I really love is that there is a collage society in Ohio! That rocks! I also love your small pieces. I enjoy small pieces a lot but don’t often make them. Good lesson for me. Actually, I just pulled out some old cds to repurpose that might make good collage bases. You just inspire everywhere, Karen! :~)

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