The Envelop/e Series

From a Fond Heart Faithful And True, collage, by Karen KochAn envelope is something that wraps around, encloses and contains.

But, an envelope can be more than just a piece of paper. It can be a symbol loaded with memories and emotions.

You open the mailbox and there it is: Puffy or flat. Clean or scuffed up. White, brown, green, pink, blue, yellow, or red. Does it have that little cello window?

The ones that start our heart beating, though, are the ones with handwriting on the front. And real stamps. Do you know the sender? It is an invitation? A card? A get-well wish?

When was the last time you got an actual envelope from a person you know in the mail? Envelopes with personal letters inside are becoming scarce in our modern life.

An envelope’s purpose lies equally in being able to wrap, contain, and conceal, as well as open and release. They are the messenger, so rarely (perhaps never) are they the reason for the missive.

What do they contain? I am fascinated by the contrast of being closed and open, contained and released – they are deeply rooted in us as humans. The envelope is a metaphor for us – what do we keep in and when (and to whom) do we reveal it.

In my Envelop/e series, I explore emotions and connotations of being wrapped or enveloped, contained and releases. See the pieces here:

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