Time of Waiting

Time of Waiting, collage, by Karen Koch

The idea for Time of Waiting is one that has been on my mind for a quite some time. I wanted a 3‑dimensional way to explore the act of unwrapping and revealing an image.

Hudson Fine Art and Framing window with clocktower

“Time of Waiting” at Hudson Fine Art

Remember tearing the paper off a birthday present when you were a kid, that sense of joy and excitement to find out what was inside? That’s the feeling I want to convey.

The canvas is covered in brightly colored paper sprinkled with black and white photos of happy moments of friendships, travels, lovers, quiet moments.

To make the wrapping, I wrote poetry all over large sheets of paper by hand – poems by Elizabeth and Robert Barrett Browning – not me. I love the look of handwriting, the flow and pattern of the letters, contrasted against the colorful interior and the jagged edges of the wrappers.


Photos taken while I was working on this piece are below. Click on them to see larger versions.

Time of Waiting, detail 1 building the image

Time of Waiting, detail 2 center finished

Time of Waiting, detail 3 center

Time of Waiting, detail 5 testing wrappers

Time of Waiting, detail 6 testing wrappers

Time of Waiting, detail 7 wrapper

Time of Waiting, detail 8 wrapper

Time of Waiting, detail 9 paper

Time of Waiting, detail 9b easel

Time of Waiting, detail 9c

Title:  Time of Waiting
Medium: Collage with handwritten paper, painted papers, photos, tissue paper
Size: 24 x 36 inches on canvas
Signed: Yes, on the back
Exhibits: “Delivering Stories” at the BOX Gallery, Akron; “In The Pink” at Hudson Fine Art & Framing

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