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Art Every Day Month, Recap

Art Every Day Month, Recap

Because I’ve posted some of my entries for Art Every Day Month in various places throughout the site, they can be difficult to find. Here’s a full list of all the posts: October 30 Day 1 Day 2 – Battery Snafu Day 3 – Tying up Lose Ends and Recharging Batteries Day 5 – New […]

Day 30 - And, That's a Wrap!

Day 30 – And, That’s a Wrap!

Here we are on the last day of November. Goodness, how time flies! November has been Art Every Day Month. And what a month it’s been! I have worked on art nearly every day. Not that I’ve finished something every day, but I have worked on something. Some days have gone well and the paint […]

Day 28 - Done or Not Done?

Day 28 – Done or Not Done?

I’ve been working on this painting for the past few days, and I really like how it’s progressing. But is it finished? Sometimes I look at it and think, “Yep, that’s enough. It doesn’t need a thing.” Then a bit later I think, “Well, what about some detail in the lower portion? Not much; just […]

Day 26 - Bit by Bit

Day 26 – Bit by Bit

Another day of making progress of several different projects. I’ve worked on a couple of abstract paintings, started on my entry for the Sketchbook Project, and finished some pendants. Oh, and so you think I wasn’t slacking this week, the last photo shows my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner: apple pie, mincemeat pie, pumpkin pie, carrot […]

Day 21 - The Value of Practice

Day 21 – The Value of Practice

After a slow day yesterday, today’s been busy. Not so much for my own art – I managed to finish off only this little ACEO – but also because it was my art group meeting. It’s important to see what other artists are doing, to see new ideas and get recharged. My art group had […]

Day 20 - Scattered

Day 20 – Scattered

Sigh. It’s just one of those days. I have lots of time for art but can’t focus on any one thing. I’ve dabbed paint on about 6 unfinished paintings, started a set of new prototypes for Artomat, scribbled in my Sketchbook Project journal, and cut up some new bookmarks. All that sounds good, but I’ve […]

Colors and Lines, Candy

Colors and Lines, Candy

Is today Wednesday? I’ve been thinking all day that today is Thursday. I’m so confused. Regardless, I do know that this painting is finished, and it’s my entry for Day 16 of Art Every Day Month. It’s 12 x 12 inches on paper, painted with acrylic paints and black acrylic ink.  

Colors and Lines, Explosion

Colors and Lines, Explosion

Day 15 of Art Every Day Month. Another in my Colors and Lines series of 12×12 inch paintings on paper. It’s painted with acrylic paints and acrylic ink. I’m really enjoying this square format. This one is wild and dramatic and full of energy. Some days are just like that.  

Colors and Lines, Pearl

Colors and Lines, Pearl

Another in the Colors and Lines series, this one cheerful and bright. These are my paintings, so I’m fond of each one in its own way. With this one, I experimented with a dry brush technique that I don’t often use. The paper has a pink and white floral pattern, hibiscus maybe? that peaks through […]

Colors and Lines, Fall

Colors and Lines, Fall

Another 12×12 painting in my  Colors and Lines series. This one is very much inspired by the windy fall weather we’ve been having. It’s also my entry for Day 13 of  Art Every Day Month, November 2011. It’s acrylic paint and india ink on paper.

Days 10, 11, 12 - Mat, Frame, Setup, Show!

Days 10, 11, 12 – Mat, Frame, Setup, Show!

Busy, busy, busy! I’ve been doing lots of art and art-related activities, but haven’t always found time to blog about it. The 10th and 11th were final prep for the show on Saturday – finishing up matting, framing, packing the car, making my list, and checking it twice. Saturday was the arts & craft show […]

Day 9 - And A Box To Keep It In

Day 9 – And A Box To Keep It In

Ok, I really didn’t do this all today. But I finished it and took photos, so that counts. Otherwise, I’m still working on matting and framing. Lots to do… I found this little wooden box at the store and thought it was too cute. It was just bare, unfinished, so I brought it home and […]

Days 7 & 8 - Mark That Spot

Days 7 & 8 – Mark That Spot

Day 7 was kinda sorta art related – I wrote the newsletter for my local art group. It’s necessary, but not really the kind of thing I wanted to photo and blog about. 🙂 Today, I made 11 bookmarks to take to the art fair on Saturday. Bookmarks always do well, especially this time of […]

Day 6 - Paint 'n Frame

Day 6 – Paint ‘n Frame

Another productive day. I spent most of the morning working on paintings. Several are in progress and soon to be finished. This afternoon, I worked on putting some of the completed ones into their mats. They look so nice that way! I picked up a dozen mats yesterday, so I have much work to do! […]

Day 5 - New Supplies and Lots of Painting

Day 5 – New Supplies and Lots of Painting

So I did some painting this morning and worked on some partially finished paintings. Several of them are now almost done or completely done. Photos to follow soon. Then I ran out to do errands for the afternoon, only to return home and find a big box of supplies on my doorstep! Oh boy oh […]

Day 3 - Tying up Loose Ends and Recharging Batteries

Day 3 – Tying up Loose Ends and Recharging Batteries

Ah, much better. Got home while it was still daylight and had time to work in my studio. The first painting is on paper, 7×9 inches. The second is on canvas, 8×10 inches. I’d started both of these last weekend, so I just finished them up tonight. The first is acrylic paint with Liquitex black […]

Day 2 - Battery Snafu

Day 2 – Battery Snafu

So again, I get home after 9 tonight, and have just a short time to get in the studio and work. Time well spent, though. I managed to finish something that I’d been hoping to get to, and I’m happy with it. The photo doesn’t do it justice. No sooner had I grabbed the camera […]

Art Every Day Month, Day 1

Art Every Day Month, Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Art Every Day Month, a challenge run by Leah Piken Kolidas over at Creative Every Day. I’ve been all excited about this challenge, and was anxious to get home and do some ART tonight. After a very l-o-o-o-n-g day, I arrived home at 9PM, exhausted and a bit deflated. Wasn’t […]

Art Every Day Month, 2011

Art Every Day Month, 2011

October 30. Is it really the end of October already?! Unbelievable. The end of October means that it’s about time to flip the calendar to November. (Wow, that’s profound.) November is Art Every Day Month, led by Leah Piken Kolidas over at Creative Every Day. Have you done Art Every Day Month in the past? […]

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