So What Do You Do With A Polar Vortex?

So what do you do when the temperature drops to a negative double digits? You can’t go outside because your parts might flash freeze and fall off. You can’t just sit around and listen to the furnace run, right?

You take photos. Of the cold?? No, of the frost that formed on the dining room windows, thanks to the cold. 🙂

The day (January 7, 2014) was terribly cold but the sun was out and it was pretty to look outside from the safety of my warm home. I was drawn to the frost patterns that accumulated on my dining room windows, especially against the backdrop of the snow, trees, and blue sky. Some of the frosty patterns reminded me of birds settled into flocks or taking off in flight. The contrast of something frozen looking like graceful birds was intriguing.

I know the Polar Vortex was a whole week ago, and now the weather is so warm that we’re running around in shorts. And, you’ve probably seen these photos on Facebook or Instagram. But that’s ok. I’ve been thinking of these patterns as “Frost Birds”, and you’ll see that idea represented in upcoming paintings.

Oh, and, re: running around in shorts in January. Ahem.

<PSA>Parents: it’s still winter and the temps are in the 40s, at best. Please put clothes on your children. Really. And thank you. </PSA>

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