What If Famous Artists Were Inspired By Our Clocktower?

You know how much I love our clocktower. I’ve been inspired by it often, and made many artworks with it as the subject.

So I had to ask myself: “Self, what if other artists were also inspired by the clock tower?”

Hudson has had lots of famous visitors throughout its history. I’m sure some of them must have been artists. So what if they visited Hudson, fell in love with the clock tower, and used it as inspiration for their art? It could happen, right?

I just had to wonder. And since those artists aren’t here to ask (at the moment), I took a stab at creating paintings in their style.

Hudson clocktower in the style of MagritteImagine a surrealist scene by Salvador Dali with a melting clocktower, or a cubist clocktower by Pablo Picasso. How about a clocktower in soft Impressionist colors as if painted by Monet? You get the idea.

I have created a series of 10 small paintings in the styles of Dali, Picasso, and Monet along with Miro, Mondrian, Magritte, Pollock, Warhol, Munch, and even the graffiti artist Banksy.

They are whimsical and tongue-in-cheek, like this one in the style of Rene Magritte.

The paintings will debut on Friday, June 10th, during the 2nd Friday Art Hop. I hope you will come and see them!

They will be on display at Uncommon Art, 178½ N. Main Street, in Hudson.

The prints and some originals are available in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lifeneedsart?ref=hdr_shop_menu&section_id=16412360


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